Standing on your head

Okay, so if you are reading this on anything except an iPhone, you will have noticed that I did indeed figure out how to post a picture, but the picture is upside down. Another vintage Helen moment. The more I thought about it, the more appropriate the upside down picture is. (besides, it will have to stay that way until Jordan comes to visit!)

Life has a way of turning things on its head. We’ve all experiened that. Perhaps this picture. An represent lifes’s most recent capricious turn for me. I’m going to do what I can to appreciate Thisvantage point. 

One thought on “Standing on your head

  1. Of course, we noticed! And I know exactly why this picture is upside down. I, too, took many upside down pictures on my iphone. When I emailed them to myself, I had to flip them. I love how you made the upside-downess meaningful, but if you decide to change it, you just need to use your laptop to change the orientation. Or I can save it and flip it and send it to you? Would you like that?
    Love and hugs. Being upside down for a while is good for one’s brain!


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