It has been a day full of fog.  Do you like fog?  I had a friend who said fog made her feel claustrophobic.  I was so surprised, as I have always found fog to be comforting, enveloping, a bit like a cacoon, I imagine.  But I am so glad my friend told me that.  It serves as a reminder that we each experience life in a unique way.  Today, as i enjoyed the fog, I was also aware of another perspective.  I thought, also, about moisture made visible, be it rain or snow or sleet.  That turned my mind to the humidity that is so much a part of my life when I am in Alabama.  The cool tendrils of fog please me, but give me humidity as it forms in the south, and I am miserable. Both are air thick with moisture.  Yet they are so different.

My maiden name comes from the words:  sea farer.  I imagine my ancestors sailing through the seas.  I think of how many years I lived on an island and how the sound of the foghorn and of the bell buoys called to me.  It is good to be home, good to know that i still feel at home here after so many years of living “away.”

I realize I have two homes now.  Alabama is one of those.  I have family and friends and history there now.  Instead of choosing between, I am learning to add on.

Tell me about your homes in this world.  What places call to you?


2 thoughts on “Tonight

  1. I think fog makes the world look dreamy. And, having two homes is a gift… I can never go back to the two homes of my childhood so all I have is here and now. Yet I dream of my other homes still, and it’s surprising how detailed the memories are, even in those dreams.

    I’m so glad you think of Alabama as your home. You have a beautiful house here and a lovely garden and yes, friends who miss you so much. Going back and forth is good. Not having to make a choice is such a relief, isn’t it? Enjoy yourself there. We’ll wait for you here until you are ready to come back to you AL home. xoxo


  2. For my comment, let me offer these words spoken by Edmund in Eugene O’Neill’s beautiful play, Long Day’s Journey into Night: “The fog was where I wanted to be. Halfway down the path…I couldn’t see but a few feet ahead. I didn’t meet a soul. Everything looked and sounded unreal. Nothing was what it is. That’s what I wanted–to be…in another world where truth is untrue and life can hide from itself. Out beyond the harbor…I even lost the feeling of being on land. The fog and the sea seemed part of each other. It was like walking on the bottom of the sea. As if I…belong[ed] to the fog, and the fog was the ghost of the sea. It felt damned peaceful.”

    Is it any wonder O’Neill won the Nobel Prize?


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